Owner Financed Homes

San Diego is a wonderful place to live and own your own home, however, with the housing industry the way, it is today and lenders creating stricter guidelines for home buyers, many cannot obtain a conventional loan.

The good news is that you can find an owner financed home in and around the San Diego area that will allow you to own that home of your dreams as well as find one in the area you wish to live with all the amenities you deserve.

Owner financed homes are ones that refer to a type of home financing in which the home seller carries the loan for the home buyer instead of accepting cash from a lending for the sale of their home. There are more home sellers turning to this type of sale as it provides them a buyer that truly wants to buy their home but are unable to obtain a conventional loan.

The Process

You will need a down payment and that is about it. The home seller does not go by your credit rating or that you are self employed. Of course, you will need to negotiate such things as the down payment, interest rate, and number of years before the end of the loan. On the other hand, you will not have to pay all those fees at closing and the home seller will not have to pay any other fees either, so it makes both buyer and seller happy.

The Experts

Of course, there may be things you may not realize about the property. If you are not going through the conventional way to buy the home, you will still need help along the way. You do not want to get into a home where the title is not in the name of the one you are purchasing from and you certainly do not want to learn that there are more mortgages on the home that can cause you all kinds of headaches down the road. Our Agents can guide you through the right way to purchase an owner financed home in San Diego.

For information on owner financing in the San Diego area, contact one of our Owner Finance Specialists. We can provide you with a free list of owner financed homes as well as provide valuable information to help you find the home of your dreams with as few hassles as possible. Contact us today, receive our free list of Owner finance properties, and enjoy searching through San Diego real estate area for the home with all the amenities and in the area of San Diego you love.

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